Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Please let this GH Vs, OLTL Crap end A RANT!!!

Yeah that crap today On @GeneralHospital about how Tracy has the Pickle Lila recipe but ELQ owns the name so we can stop her from using the name. Really RC/FV. Stop with these children's game. You knew PP had thru Feb 2013 to make @OneLifetolive happen or lose it. Plus according to #KassieDepavia's newest Interview, FV knew PP was gonna make #OLTL back in December 2012 if not earlier when he texted to ask if Kassie had been contacted. So stop playing the wounded victim. You knew what that agreement to BORROW the 3 OLTL roles was. You just never thought #PP would make it happen. Now You have scrambled egg on your face & need to make your bed with the mess you created. So yes like another poster said, forget #OLTL, focus on #GH amd make it shine. #OLTL will do fine without you two.


Sheshoe said...

I do so agree with you!!

Sheshoe said...

I do so agree with you!